The good students push themselves through a dreadful collection of Greek letters, memorize an array of formulas, and pass an exam. They may have even earned an A. How much they actually remember a few years later, not to mention how much they can actually apply their statistical knowledge personally or professionally, is another story.


Aim high, devote passionately, pluck up courage!

When you grow up, we continue to shine and become extraordinary together.



A surge in Covid-19 cases in May 2021 prompted many Taiwanese companies to adopt split team arrangements or work from home systems. For many, work and home life began to clash to at least some degree. While time originally spent commuting could now be spent with family or used to learn a new skill, this changing schedule brought with it changes to family dynamics.

Not for those at MRS Micro-Work, however. Way back in 2006, the company MRS Micro-Work had already established a work from home system for reasons other than social distance requirements. So why did a company that values workplace collaboration adopt such a progressive work model?

It was fate that brought my documentary team together with the Preparatory Office of the National Railway Museum to explore the history of women in the railway industry and speak to these women in person.

With a ticket and bento box in hand, we are going on a journey. And, of course, you are invited to join us!